Friday, 25 November 2016


I really am surprised and I am very excited, too, that we are gradually advancing to the e-learning system. The ongoing N-Power e-lecture is akin to Coursera and Edx standards, which are global and educationally rewarding. This is a strong piece of evidence that our future is very brighter than our eyes can behold. Please, keep it up, Nigeria!
Congratulations to all of the successful N-Power candidates and good luck to those who are still expecting their names to be shortlisted. But, if you never applied, let us ultimately hope for another good opportunity. To the successful candidates, this will not only benefit you financially, but also, most basically, the electronic experience will positively challenge your academic excellence and gloss your quest to expounding your specific academic horizon.
It is, hence, hoped that within a reasonable while, our educational system will start recognising and valuing the certificates and skills obtained from free and affordable e-schools around the world. These schools are all available on the internet with unique learning, assessment, and certification processes. Doing this accordingly will enable Nigerians of all classes to pursue quality education amidst any financial epilepsy.
Long live the Education;
Long live e-learning; and
Long live Nigerians!

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