Saturday, 9 April 2016


Reaching the stage of Convocation Ceremony in any academic institution is not and will never be a piece of cake. It takes hard work, perseverance, and dedication to God to achieve the award of a Degree, a Diploma, etc.

So many things are involved. There are lots of books and papers to read, many practicals to carry out, many excursions to embark on, many presentations to make, excessive academic writings, many exams to do, deep researches, etc. In most cases, you have to face difficult situations from thugs, associations, lecturers, friends, and family. There also are lots of regrets, life lessons, and love stories. Competitions, comparisons, and jealousy are also in on it (Chuckles). School is a wonderful world of its own!

You will know no night and sleep will be far away from you. Some people will have to be fathers, mothers, and sponsors unto themselves. You will have to shun fun, friends, and hobbies, and marry books and lectures. You also will experience a mixture of happiness and sadness, stress and relief, etc.  

School is one of the tough places to be in; it’s a place where you spend so much in order to acquire knowledge, which will shape you in the society. One, who has completely gone through these, should be given a proper handshake of job opportunity.

Today, another great number of creative and excellent technology graduates has been released by RSUST to the society. They are very fortunate to have successfully completed their study with whatever classes. It’s indeed a thing of merry celebration.

At this juncture, I hereby congratulate all latest graduates of RSUST and also, welcome them to the labour market. Good luck!


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