Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Prior to the year, 2000, schooling in most nursery and primary schools in most local African societies was very fun and interesting. This is because, during the period, the use of slate was very prevalent in Primary One and in nursery classes. Almost every student, who schooled in this era, had one amazing experience or the other, which cannot be easily forgotten. I did my nursery school during this period. Thus, I had many eexperiences, but there is a special one that is very interesting; and I want to share it with you now.

Can you remember the small board held by that little girl in the picture???
It is slate! It is a small wooden blackboard for pupils, who are learning to write both numbers and letters. It was fun to write on it! The only things I wrote on it were ABCD...Z and 123... Numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6, and letters C, E, and F were very difficult; they gave me headache before I learned to write them well.

One Monday morning, we were given a class work to write 1-10 in Nursery 3. For the first time, I got them correctly. I did not write an inverted 5, and my 4 and my 6 were not facing West. So, the teacher drew a very long good with a pink chalk on my slate running from the bottom of the slate to the top. I felt really happy. Quickly, I hid my slate under the Teacher's table so that no one would jealously erase my long good until my mum and other villagers saw it.

After a long break, it was time for English Language. The Teacher instructed every pupil to bring out his or her slate and write her A-G. That means erasing everything we had done earlier on the slate. I refused! Erase my long good in pink chalk? No way! As every pupil did as instructed, I innocently hugged my slate making sure no part was erased.

When the Teacher saw me, she stood up, took her long cain, and started coming towards me very angrily. Immediately, I jumped out through the window alongside my slate. I hid in the bush until the closing bell was rung.

After the closing song and prayer, I ran out of my hiding place and emerged where my friends were with a very long good on my clean slate. I made mockery of they who either had short goods or had no goods at all. And out of anger and envy, one of them erased my precious good and ran away into a nearby bush. I turned red! First, I erased the tiny good on his slate, broke his slate, and still pursued him into the bush.

Fortunately, I caught him, pulled him by his legs, made sure his back touched the ground, and I fed him enough sand. After teaching him a good lesson, I came back to my poor slate, took it, and started crying home! Oh, what an experience!


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