Wednesday, 6 April 2016


One of my favourite activities, which I really enjoyed this holiday, is swimming. Yes, I often swim, but this time, I swam in a different place full of great peace, coldness, quietness, and gentle breezes caressing me all over my body. I used to be of the view that swimming in a pool is full of fun, but the great experience I have had lately has proven that it’s much fun swimming in a  stream or river with dancing trees watching you as you dive and swim. Even when I swam alone in the stream, I still felt the incredible excitement.

My village, Umuokpurukpu, has many streams and rivers, but there is one that seems very special to me and that’s why I spend much time talking and writing about it. It is named "Koki" and it is found very close to the boundary between Etche and Omuma. It flows directly to the Imo River (New Site), which stands as a boundary between the above named local governments.

People, who come to do sand business at Imo River, often go to Koki to bathe and rest before they resume work. Some less often go there to have lunch because of how cool it feels. The place is so nice that there is no day that passes without people going there; even on some Sundays, few people also go there. How wonderful!

Severally, within the holiday period, I went swimming in this stream and I had nice experiences. On the first day, I went swimming with my friends; Ikechi, Udochi, and Smart. I swam until my skin was totally cuddled by goose pimples. I really enjoyed it! On the second day, I decided to go alone and to take some videos and some photos. The trees helped me with the media work where I could not help myself. 

The chirpings of the birds, the breezes of the trees, the coldness of the water, the sharp movements of the colourful fishes of the stream, the softness of the ground of the stream, the slipperiness of the sloppy small hill that leads to the water, the wooden construction in the stream, the rippling sound and movement of the water all made my stay there a thing of great amazement. I do not want to exaggerate my feelings here. So, kindly press the play button of this video to see how the swimming went.


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