Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Everyone on earth, whether big or small, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, is created with unique separate innate resources, which enable him function effectively in being the whole individual that he was meant to be. These resources uniquely define us and make us outstanding in our different endeavours. We most often tend to venture into being someone else basically because we think the person has better intrinsic capabilities. This is really wrong because it denies you of your true identity.

I had a friend who was so good that it seemed everything he did worked very well for him. Sure! He was doing well and I presume you know what I mean. Many years ago I tried everything possible to be like him without him noticing it. I did almost everything he did but I failed despite how relentless I was. I forgot about everything I was good at, and I focused on what he was good at. I had the feeling that the things I could do were so common that anybody can do. So, I pursued someone else's strengths. 

Later in a deep introspective analysis, I realized that instead  of the things to be going smoothly and well, they went so badly that I began to blame myself for being someone else whose strengths are quite different from mine. So, I began to pay strong attention to what I CAN DO BEST. I deeply started to listen instructively to the voices of myself speaking on both positive and negative sides alongside their merits and side effects. Consequently, I took a bold step towards the actualization of my dreams, and I deserted the previous thoughts I had conceived. The affirmative effects of my decision quickly began to manifest through my actions and inaction. Thus, my observation has shown that being oneself fosters great happiness and satisfaction of the mind.

One happy day, I was all on my own when my friend walked on to me and expressed sincerely how he felt about something I did the previous day. He even asked me to teach him to do it. I really was amazed within me. Someone whom I was wanting to be like now wants to learn something from me? It shows I too am greatly gifted. Whoopeee! I was very excited.

This little but powerful experience has positively changed a lot about me. I no longer envy people on their achievements, I no longer strive to totally become another person, I no longer consider others' innate gifts superior to mine no matter the level of disparity, I no longer view myself as trash that is domiciled at the refuse dump, and I no longer see things that I can do so easy and common that anyone can do anytime. Now, I value myself and I always try to be totally me, and then, strive towards improving my abilities as well as helping others.

So, the moment you try to be someone else, you ignorantly go on a strike against yourself. This demeans you, it retards your progress, and it suppresses your self-passions. God does not make mistakes and he is a God of equity and equality. He gave us skills and the ability to nurture them till they become a full bloom. It is, therefore, not for us to kill ourselves before our own death, it is rather, our duty to water our skills with great dexterity, and this does not come by simply wanting to be a different person.

I know that sometimes we need the attention, help, and co-operation of others for us to effectively fertilize our characteristic skills, it does not, however, mean that we should totally go different from what we have been endowed with. You can watch others, you can learn from them to add effect to what you have, you can study academically to add flavour to your skills, and you can learn from the fallings of others. Being yourself does not necessarily mean that you should be an island of strict isolation. 

It is, indeed, an amazing privilege to be oneself, and I am enjoying that privilege today. Are you enjoying yours as well? You should! But if you do not; if you have spent several years being someone you can't be like, please, quit it. Give yourself a little golden opportunity to see the great skills that you have concealed from yourself. Nurture them and stop being someone else!

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