Monday, 6 October 2014

The Caged Genius by Agunia, Billion P.

'The Caged Genius' depicts the unpleasant situations of the young people who are not privilege to get formal education. These people according to them, have the best solutions to the problems of the society but their lack of money, nonrecognition and abandonment have caged these solutions to impoverish the society. The 'free education' today is only acquired by the offspring of the political wolves, and make 'us' school drop-outs and illiterates.
Irrespective of the situations of the people, they still have faith and hope 'like Job' that their 'changes' will surely come. They're calling for the help of the philanthropists to emancipate them from their educational bondage, so that they can heal the society of its 'ill-health'
We are marooned
Into unfamiliar dwellings
With our critical genius
Fading like the falling
Of leaves of a myrtle
By our 'beautiful tyrants'
Who control the society

Most of us are sited
In poverty-stricken hamlets
Toiling at the gleam of the day
Just for a square meal per day
With our genius fading

Some of us are sited in towns and cities
Prowling round the boulevard like sheep
Hawking our priceless goods
Gazing at your bossy face
In your comfortable moving carton
Just for our meal
And when the sun has
Made its way for the moon
We dine with the owners of the night
Cuddled by the cool zephyr
In the midst of plenty
With our genius fading

Few of us in your abode
Cooks, cleaners and gatemen
Primary and assiduous
But severely languishing
And our genius fading

We are the world changers
With the best antidote
To the ill-health of the society
But you cage our talents
Through your tyrannous
And bestial disposition
And deceptive promises 

We enormously need a pen
To bring our talents to reality
But you give us empty pens
That swoon  our folks
And make us bundles of illiterates

Who shall give ears
To the soft cries of the 'privileged'?
Who shall deliver us
From the prowling wolves in government?
We are waiting for you like Job
Until our changes come
For the society needs us 

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