Monday, 6 October 2014

The Vanished Chit by Agunia, Billion P.

In this world full of interesting men and women , so many incredible things happen. There is not only a rat race for money and fame, but also for cool guys and ladies just for euphoric satisfaction. But with little or no knowledge about the ins and outs of the beings involved. The bard, Billion makes it obvious from his experience with a fancy chit with whom at first sight was seriously 'in love' but when closely seen and observed, is like a painted pig. Some people you see today are not really what they appear to be.

Rambling upon a vacant road
Smartly and warmly dressed
My legs moving a step after the other
With my solid and serious face
Smiling at the flying colourful birds

Suddenly the wafting wind
Whispered to my ears
That a charming and sharp chit
Is placed upright
Eastward to my position
Oh Heaven! Could this be precise?

My eyeballs moved Eastward
And saw I a damsel
With a light and smooth skin
Like a golden gazelle
Her sparkling teeth
As a dazzling diamond
Her long dark hair
Each curled to perfection
Like the tick velveteen pedals of a groomed rose 

My emotion was absolutely engulfed
The bells of my heart
Began to ti kon ti kon
My fragile heart could not
But to allow her in
To make its river to flow
Wave after wave to accuracy

I moved closer to her
To extol her endowment
Though my shy look
Was made obvious through my eyes
But my ill-concealed feelings
Forcefully pushed me to her

When I reached her position
And touched her light angelic garment
My eyes no more her saw
Vanished! Vanished!! Vanished!!!
My eyes no more her saw
Vanished to the air

What affluent has this show brought to me?
A poet could not but
To be as calved as stone
And learn to be careful of dames

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