Monday, 6 October 2014

I Have Known a Place by Agunia, Billion P.

The inevitability of death as expressed in 'I Have Known a Place' has pathetically marooned innocuous and great people who would have bettered humanity out of the land of existence. Hmmmm... how wicked death is! It has rendered families helpless and has placed individuals in an unfamiliar habitations. And also, has put fears in the minds of individuals based on especially the realization of their miscellaneous dreams and aspirations. Death! death!! death!!!  Can it be curtailed? Read on...


I have known a place
That nestles great icons
Who would have grinned more my face
Through their philanthropic actions
I have known a place
Where ocean of tears flow
As the Mississippi and the Nile rat race
In the heart of the ‘bread and butter soul’
Death has fetched me buckets of tears
The coffee, grave and death these I ‘credit’
For they have deposited fears
In my Bank of Retention this I must edit.
I have known a place
That we abhor with immense passion
But a medium for us to be raised
To the paradise of adoration
Darker than the darkest dark
And the skirts and the trousers on an ever ooze
With their extant folks in a drowning bargue  
All I could do is just to bitterly oops!
I wish I could destroy this place
That trembles man, animal and plant
But it’s a beautiful land we must embrace
Eye-cut me you can but run away you can’t
Oh God! Will I visit this murky land
With my goals unfulfilled?
I stand by your words on earth and
 Shall get my dreams fulfilled.
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