Monday, 6 October 2014

The Vanished Chit by Agunia, Billion P.

In this world full of interesting men and women , so many incredible things happen. There is not only a rat race for money and fame, but also for cool guys and ladies just for euphoric satisfaction. But with little or no knowledge about the ins and outs of the beings involved. The bard, Billion makes it obvious from his experience with a fancy chit with whom at first sight was seriously 'in love' but when closely seen and observed, is like a painted pig. Some people you see today are not really what they appear to be.

Rambling upon a vacant road
Smartly and warmly dressed
My legs moving a step after the other
With my solid and serious face
Smiling at the flying colourful birds

Suddenly the wafting wind
Whispered to my ears
That a charming and sharp chit
Is placed upright
Eastward to my position
Oh Heaven! Could this be precise?

My eyeballs moved Eastward
And saw I a damsel
With a light and smooth skin
Like a golden gazelle
Her sparkling teeth
As a dazzling diamond
Her long dark hair
Each curled to perfection
Like the tick velveteen pedals of a groomed rose 

My emotion was absolutely engulfed
The bells of my heart
Began to ti kon ti kon
My fragile heart could not
But to allow her in
To make its river to flow
Wave after wave to accuracy

I moved closer to her
To extol her endowment
Though my shy look
Was made obvious through my eyes
But my ill-concealed feelings
Forcefully pushed me to her

When I reached her position
And touched her light angelic garment
My eyes no more her saw
Vanished! Vanished!! Vanished!!!
My eyes no more her saw
Vanished to the air

What affluent has this show brought to me?
A poet could not but
To be as calved as stone
And learn to be careful of dames

I Have Known a Place by Agunia, Billion P.

The inevitability of death as expressed in 'I Have Known a Place' has pathetically marooned innocuous and great people who would have bettered humanity out of the land of existence. Hmmmm... how wicked death is! It has rendered families helpless and has placed individuals in an unfamiliar habitations. And also, has put fears in the minds of individuals based on especially the realization of their miscellaneous dreams and aspirations. Death! death!! death!!!  Can it be curtailed? Read on...


I have known a place
That nestles great icons
Who would have grinned more my face
Through their philanthropic actions
I have known a place
Where ocean of tears flow
As the Mississippi and the Nile rat race
In the heart of the ‘bread and butter soul’
Death has fetched me buckets of tears
The coffee, grave and death these I ‘credit’
For they have deposited fears
In my Bank of Retention this I must edit.
I have known a place
That we abhor with immense passion
But a medium for us to be raised
To the paradise of adoration
Darker than the darkest dark
And the skirts and the trousers on an ever ooze
With their extant folks in a drowning bargue  
All I could do is just to bitterly oops!
I wish I could destroy this place
That trembles man, animal and plant
But it’s a beautiful land we must embrace
Eye-cut me you can but run away you can’t
Oh God! Will I visit this murky land
With my goals unfulfilled?
I stand by your words on earth and
 Shall get my dreams fulfilled.
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The Caged Genius by Agunia, Billion P.

'The Caged Genius' depicts the unpleasant situations of the young people who are not privilege to get formal education. These people according to them, have the best solutions to the problems of the society but their lack of money, nonrecognition and abandonment have caged these solutions to impoverish the society. The 'free education' today is only acquired by the offspring of the political wolves, and make 'us' school drop-outs and illiterates.
Irrespective of the situations of the people, they still have faith and hope 'like Job' that their 'changes' will surely come. They're calling for the help of the philanthropists to emancipate them from their educational bondage, so that they can heal the society of its 'ill-health'
We are marooned
Into unfamiliar dwellings
With our critical genius
Fading like the falling
Of leaves of a myrtle
By our 'beautiful tyrants'
Who control the society

Most of us are sited
In poverty-stricken hamlets
Toiling at the gleam of the day
Just for a square meal per day
With our genius fading

Some of us are sited in towns and cities
Prowling round the boulevard like sheep
Hawking our priceless goods
Gazing at your bossy face
In your comfortable moving carton
Just for our meal
And when the sun has
Made its way for the moon
We dine with the owners of the night
Cuddled by the cool zephyr
In the midst of plenty
With our genius fading

Few of us in your abode
Cooks, cleaners and gatemen
Primary and assiduous
But severely languishing
And our genius fading

We are the world changers
With the best antidote
To the ill-health of the society
But you cage our talents
Through your tyrannous
And bestial disposition
And deceptive promises 

We enormously need a pen
To bring our talents to reality
But you give us empty pens
That swoon  our folks
And make us bundles of illiterates

Who shall give ears
To the soft cries of the 'privileged'?
Who shall deliver us
From the prowling wolves in government?
We are waiting for you like Job
Until our changes come
For the society needs us 

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